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Welcome to SkillGames . TV where you will discover the world of Skill Games online. Play for free or play for money skill gaming but you can also learn how to make an income living playing skills games online, win cash and having fun.

Skill games (or games of Skill) are designed for using skillful thinking or may require planning like strategy games and puzzle games. They include card games, board games, flash games and more. Skills Games online are becoming popular due to the fact that it serves as a way of entertainment, relaxing, excitement while also giving the user the chance to make money. The uniqueness of a skill game is that the game’s outcome is not determined by chance but by the player’s level of skill. This gives the opportunity for professional players to win money and even make a living by playing online skills games against others. There are several skill games online players that will tell you their job is playing games online for money. The daily amount of money you can make is unlimited due to the fact that you can stake different amounts of money for each game, choose your opponent and play in different styles. The best thing also is that they are not considered as a form of gambling since you are playing against real actualy people from all over the world in real time!


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